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Connectronics, Inc. is a manufacturer of custom wiring harnesses and electronic cable assemblies for a variety of applications.


We take quality very serious at Connectronics Inc. Every employee has a keen awareness of the importance of getting it right. We have implemented very stringent quality control measures and we enforce them. We have quality control incentives that reward employees for excellence. Quality Control Process continually monitors and enables us to focus on areas where quality can be improved.


We ship our cables to meet our clients' timetables. No deadline is too tight, no order too complex. Quick turnaround remains our hallmark of success. We never compromise product quality to get there. Our customers are just one phone call away from assistance, anytime. During critical installations, our services and products can be made available around the clock, 7 days a week on an emergency basis.


For decades, our clients have depended on us to solve their unique problems. Our successful track record speaks for itself. By working with them to find the right solution, Connectronics, Inc. has consistently exceeded client expectations... no matter how critical the time frame, or how complex the assembly. This reputation for reliability has become our company's most important asset. Connectronics, Inc. is the right connection for all your custom cable and assembly needs.


The management of Connectronics, Inc. believes you expect and deserve the best in customer service and our entire company has signed on to this concept. We have gone through extraordinary means to implement procedures and policies to insure impeccable quality and accurate delivery of our products. In the rare event that we miss something or make a mistake, you can expect and will receive prompt resolution of the problem. Our first goal is to rectify the issue to your satisfaction and then follow-up to make sure it doesn't happen again. In other words, you can count on us to make it right!

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